Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Households and Budgets

Little scary watching the news recently....Here AND abroad! My heart hurts for the survivors and families of the victims in the Norway massacre.  Good thing my vacation is going to be in the states in a "lesser known" area!

And the Nation's budget?!  Come on! Let's get it together...bottom line is you're gonna have to do what the rest of the nation is already doing - tighten your belts, let some 'luxuries' slide and pay your bills! How difficult is that?  I think the Senators and Congressmen should just move over and let the housewives/househusbands of the world come in and get things in order!

We know how to set a budget, get creative with finding ways to fund that budget and most importantly, we know how to stick to it!! After all, running a household complete with kids, pets, a working spouse - plus working ourselves - is pretty much like running Congress (everyone is talking at the same time, always wanting something, going somewhere and no one wants to clean up the messes)  Even the president and the guy that just started shooting in Norway are acting like spoiled children because they're not getting what they want, not getting their way.

Well, there's less than a week to start straightening up and acting like civilized grown-ups who know how to communicate, compromise and negotiate for the American people.  This is one little lady who's gonna be keeping a close eye on them - and if I'm not happy with the outcome, then I'll use my vote to "clean house".

 "If Mama Ain't Happy, Watch out!"

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