Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Households and Budgets

Little scary watching the news recently....Here AND abroad! My heart hurts for the survivors and families of the victims in the Norway massacre.  Good thing my vacation is going to be in the states in a "lesser known" area!

And the Nation's budget?!  Come on! Let's get it together...bottom line is you're gonna have to do what the rest of the nation is already doing - tighten your belts, let some 'luxuries' slide and pay your bills! How difficult is that?  I think the Senators and Congressmen should just move over and let the housewives/househusbands of the world come in and get things in order!

We know how to set a budget, get creative with finding ways to fund that budget and most importantly, we know how to stick to it!! After all, running a household complete with kids, pets, a working spouse - plus working ourselves - is pretty much like running Congress (everyone is talking at the same time, always wanting something, going somewhere and no one wants to clean up the messes)  Even the president and the guy that just started shooting in Norway are acting like spoiled children because they're not getting what they want, not getting their way.

Well, there's less than a week to start straightening up and acting like civilized grown-ups who know how to communicate, compromise and negotiate for the American people.  This is one little lady who's gonna be keeping a close eye on them - and if I'm not happy with the outcome, then I'll use my vote to "clean house".

 "If Mama Ain't Happy, Watch out!"

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Is it HOT enough for you?

Oh - my - goodness!!!!  I think my favorite phrase this week is the one uttered by the Wicked Witch of the West in the 'Wizard of Oz' right after Dorothy threw water on her - "I'm melting..."

That's how I am feeling these days as the temperatures reach the upper 90's and the heat index in the triple digits!   I'M MELTING!!

Doesn't seem like anything keeps me cool these days...I walk from my studio downstairs to the kitchen upstairs and I just melt....the glass of ice-cold tea cools me off enough to walk back down the stairs to the studio again to finish working.  You might be thinking "Liz don't you have air conditioning in your studio?" to which I'd tell you "Nope, but even if I did, with all the talking I do, the hot air overpowers the cool air anyway!"

Forget about finding clothes that are cool enough, even a swimsuit isn't cutting it now!  I may single-handedly bring the halter-top back!!  Oh and forget about drying my hair (with the hairdryer) after taking a cold shower..the only hairstyle I have these days is the ponytail!  Whew!

I don't mind heat but I do mind the humidity that comes with it - it just zaps you!  Wish you could see my dogs & cats right now - downright lazy as they sleep the day away! It zaps them too!

There is an upside to this however - I have empathy for Frosty the Snowman!!  I now know how he felt as he melted away. 

The Royal Clothing Tour

I'm just enthralled with Royalty!  British Royalty to be exact....and yes, I DID follow Prince William and his bride Catherine during their trip to Canada and the United States. I'm sure they're home resting and trying to be a "normal married couple" now.

The focus should have been on their goings on, however, for me, the focus seemed to be on Kate! (yes, I know I'm not supposed to call her Kate, but I just can't help myself!)  Her choice of clothing seemed to be perfect....and I'm told by a very reliable source that she chose her wardrobe with very little help. I will say that it was on the "safe" side - not too flashy and not too outlandish, very "proper" for a Duchess and a young lady.  By the way, Prince William looked handsome in everything he wore!

I'm in awe of her poise and her clothing taste.  I tend to agree with Cara Kelly in her blog of Kate's top 5 best looks....read and enjoy....I've got to go clean out my clothes closet!!  ;)


Tuesday, July 12, 2011


The weather in the Midwest has been so very UNpredictable!  First we lost our Spring, well, had about 2 weeks of spring then went directly into the "Dog Days" of Summer! Sweltering...to say the least.  And the storms!  Wow - those really HAVE been something to write home about.  In my little part of the world, the trees are still standing and the river is still in it's banks....but in my hometown, they've been hit hard!  There are many beautiful trees that are down in the state parks making them inhospitable to campers.  The power has been out for many people for as many as 4 days - and in THIS HEAT and HUMIDITY that's NOT a good thing!

I know there are still people I love who are dealing with the aftermath of tornados that have torn up their homes and towns....there are still people I love who are dealing with the aftermath of flooding....there are still people I love who are dealing with the aftermath of the power outages..those are the people that I am still praying for as that's all I can do from here. But the power of prayer is enormous!

So when you get ready to lay your head on your pillow - please say a prayer for those that are still awake and dealing with the aftermath of something!