Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Royal Clothing Tour

I'm just enthralled with Royalty!  British Royalty to be exact....and yes, I DID follow Prince William and his bride Catherine during their trip to Canada and the United States. I'm sure they're home resting and trying to be a "normal married couple" now.

The focus should have been on their goings on, however, for me, the focus seemed to be on Kate! (yes, I know I'm not supposed to call her Kate, but I just can't help myself!)  Her choice of clothing seemed to be perfect....and I'm told by a very reliable source that she chose her wardrobe with very little help. I will say that it was on the "safe" side - not too flashy and not too outlandish, very "proper" for a Duchess and a young lady.  By the way, Prince William looked handsome in everything he wore!

I'm in awe of her poise and her clothing taste.  I tend to agree with Cara Kelly in her blog of Kate's top 5 best looks....read and enjoy....I've got to go clean out my clothes closet!!  ;)


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