Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Ideas for Leftover Hard-Boiled Eggs

 Ok, so I've already made deviled eggs and egg salad out of the hard boiled Easter eggs...but what else?!  I found a post from Kayln Denny that gives 10 new ideas of what to make From Leftover Hard-Boiled Eggs
I must admit, I have never thought of these - especially using hard-boiled eggs in cookies! (that's number 10!)

Dying Easter Eggs

Monday, April 21, 2014

Green is Universal - Tips for Earth Day/Week!

Green is Universal

Yes - it is and there are many things we can do today and all week long for Earth week.....and turning off lights is only ONE idea!  Doing your laundry in cold water is another!  What other things do YOU do to conserve energy?

Earth Day 2014 ideas

 Earth Day 2014 - what can YOU do to help your city/town be more "earth-friendly"? Click here for some great, easy ideas!   Green Cities Campaign

Most Common Forgotten Expenses in our Budgets!

Now that Tax season is over, it's easier for me to see where my money went last year and really get my budget under control!  However I find there are some sneaky things that keep cropping up that I don't always plan for and here are a few of the  Most Common Forgotten Expenses that you Forget to Budget for!

Lyrid meteor shower coming on Earth Day

 Earth Day is April 22, 2014 and this year we get a light show from Mother Nature to kick it all off! Here's the details on this cool event!

Lyrid meteor shower coming on Earth Day

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Easter Jelly Bean Poem

Do you fill the plastic eggs with Jelly Beans?  Do you know you can tie in the Death and Resurrection of Jesus with Jelly Beans?  Just take a look at this  Easter Jelly Bean Poem

The link above has pictures - this poem, which is slightly different, does not!  Either way, Happy Easter!!

Red is for the blood He gave...
Green is for the palms we waved..
Yellow is for the sun so bright...
Orange is for the edge of night...
Black is for the many sins made...
White is for the grace He gave
Purple is for the hour of sorrow..
Pink is for the Resurrection, a new tomorrow.

Garage Sale Season is here!

 Last weekend as I was driving to the grocery store, I saw it!!  The first Garage Sale sign of the season!   I've got lots of items to sell and can hardly wait to set up my own garage sale - my hubby can't wait either!  Besides Garage sales here are a few of the Best Places To Sell 8 Popular Household Items 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Easter Basket ideas for Teenagers

Easter is almost here - and while the little kids may enjoy Easter egg hunts and the Easter basket surprises from the "Easter Bunny", the older kids - the teenagers who know everything - still like Easter baskets too (though they won't let on that they do!)  If you're stuck for some ideas, check out this link for Teenage Easter Basket Ideas.

My parents ALWAYS made a point of putting something special in my basket while still keeping the "Bunny" mystery alive for my siblings!  Thanks Mom and Dad!  Happy Easter!

The best time of your life happens in Midwest Schools!

With High School graduations around the corner and college acceptance letters going out, I thought I'd share this with you!  I'm a product of a "Midwest College" and yes, I agree with a number of these!  And I wouldn't have traded those years for anything!  So here's  9 Reasons Why Going To College In The Midwest Will Be The Best Time Of Your Life