Thursday, August 14, 2014

My Sturgis Adventure! All I could say was - WOW!

WOW!  What a trip -8 days. 9 hours. 2442 miles. We love our biker friends: When it rains you put on rain gear. When it hails you pull over. When it's sunny you bask in it. When its windy you lean. You help someone in need and you always enjoy the ride! I have never been to the Black Hills of South Dakota before and it is beautiful! We stayed in Custer but rode to, through and around Hill City, Keystone, Deadwood, Lead, Rapid City, Sturgis and everywhere inbetween!  We saw the beautiful Custer State Park with the wild buffalo (those animals are HUGE), the 4 Presidents on Mount Rushmore, the stone carving memorial of Chief Crazy Horse that is still under construction, met the owner of the 'Buglin Bull' restaurant who has the same name as my husband...and saw bikes of every kind and color!  Hope you enjoy the attached quote my husband Brian, Life Is Good!

 Welcome to Sturgis!!

Our riding friends! 


Brian Boyer, the owner of the Restaurant 'Buglin Bull' in Custer South Dakota.

 If you look REAL Hard you'll see Mt. Rushmore over my shoulder!

 Bison - real, wild buffalo!! They are HUGE!

 You meet all kinds at the Harley Rally!  This guy's been here awhile at the Hitching Post!

 Celebrities of all kinds are here - even the Budweiser Clydesdales!

 Abe and I having a talk about Illinois presidents....
 Gotta get the rain gear on...don't you just love my purple outfit!  I felt like a little plum!

Security! Who let those girls in our picture?! The Full Throttle bar has a little bit of everything!

YAY! Home at last!

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