Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My German Shepherd girl, Baroness Kazmir von Boyer

Baroness Kazmir von Boyer

Do you know what unconditional love is?  Anyone who is lucky enough to own a dog knows!  This past week was a very tough week for me and my family....we had to give our German Shepherd back to God.

Baroness Kazmir von Boyer was born February 28, 2002 at 7:35p and died July 28, 2011 - almost to the hour that she was born.  She leaves a big hole in my heart, in my husband's heart, in her brother's heart and his life...Justice is lost without her.  He has never known life without his "little" sister.  Although she was younger than him, as she was 'puppy #7' and Justice was 'puppy #2', she was bigger than him.  She was his sister and playmate, following her everywhere.   He didn't like walking behind her but rather beside her when going for walks to the park....he was anxious when she was gone. 

Although they were siblings, they were different.  Kazmir LOVED thunderstorms and fireworks - she barked for more!  She LOVED swimming in the river - summer and winter!  She LOVED going for rides in the truck or car - always alert, never sleeping, but watching out the window until it was too dark to do so!  Kazmir always walked the perimeter of wherever she was. She LOVED her mailman (who always gave her treats which she caught) but did NOT like the UPS man!! She was intimidating but really she was just a big baby!
And she LOVED US!!  Always happy to see us, whether we were gone for a week or just a few minutes.

My girl had a cancerous bladder tumor - inoperable and incurable.  The time had come for her departure from this earth....and although she is not physically here, we know her spirit is around us and with us.  

There hasn't been a day since she left us that I have not thought about her, been reminded of her....and her unconditional love.

So, with love and thru tears, I say to her "Kazmir, we love & miss you - your memory will always be with us."

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  1. Hi Sweetheart, I am so sorry to hear of your loss. If you believe in doggy heaven, you know that she is there, without pain and chewing on great big bones between swims. I'm so sorry baby.