Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Summer Wrap-up, Fall Beginnings

Ahh it's been awhile since I've posted (like over a year!!)  LOTS has happened since the passing of my beautiful German Shepard Kazmir.  And, NO, we did not get another dog - yet!

Left her brother, Justice, in the great care of my friends Dave and Kay Rumple while I went to Colorado w/my hubby and stepson. What a BEAUTIFUL state Colorado is - especially in the summer. There's just so much to do and so many gorgeous sights that my eyes could scarely take it all in! The mountains, the flowers, the rushing creeks, the animals and most of all - the clean, fresh AIR!  Took awhile to get used to the altitude but after that, I couldn't breathe that freshness in fast enough!

Upon our return home, we hurried to ready the house and the yard for a wedding! That's right, a wedding! It turned out marvelous - the day was warm, sunny and the landscaping finished..in the nick of time!  I know it's a day that neither Brian nor myself will ever forget - let alone the bride and groom! 

Then comes Birthday MONTHS. Yes, we celebrate all month long - first Brian then me!  As this was a 'Big' birthday for me, my hubby threw a surprise party - and boy WAS it a surprise!  I actually thought I was going to a business dinner with a number of business owners only to find out the guest of honor was ME! 
Don't ask me how many people were there cuz I couldn't begin to tell you - I just kept seeing all the people I knew and love, including my famly who drove 6 hours to be there for the "big" event! And my Big Bday present to myself was a 12 day tour thru Sicily and southern Italy!!  Details will be coming soon - and pics too!

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