Friday, February 28, 2014

My German Shepherd Justice turns 12 today!

Happy Birthday to my Fur baby Justice - and his siblings who are still living! (I know for sure Marley and Lady and I think Mia, Max and Sabbath....Angel and Kaz have sadly passed away.)  12 years ago today I learned about whelping German Shepherd puppies - and even had one delivered in my hands in the back seat of my car at 3:05pm!!  Guess who THAT was - yup, Justice!!   Here's his "baby" picture with all his siblings...(the arrow is pointing to Justice.....)

(L-R: Ziggy, Mia, Max, Sabbath, Angel, Justice, Kaz and Lady)

And here's my boy now!  Happy 12th Birthday Sir Justice Gabriel Boyer!  Love you!!

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