Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Gathering of Elizabeths

Are you or do you know someone named 'Liz', 'Betty', 'Beth', 'Liza', 'Lizbeth', 'Bessie' or 'Elizabeth'??

If your first, middle or even LAST name is "Elizabeth", then YOU are wanted - Saturday, June 25, 2011, 9:30a-12:30a CST for the "Gathering of Elizabeths" at Apple River Fort State Historic Site in Elizabeth Illinois to set a new world record for the largest number of people named 'Elizabeth' gathered in one location!  WOW!

Yes, I am an 'Elizabeth' although everyone except my mom calls me 'Liz' - I can't wait to be part of this day.  My hubby and I happened upon this quite by accident as we were taking a motorcycle ride one weekend thru Illinois, specifically near Galena.  Once we returned home I looked up the event and was amazed at what was being planned!

This is the 3rd Annual Gathering of Elizabeths.  The first year had 436 registered Elizabeths with the oldest being 86 and the youngest just an infant!  The farthest away an Elizabeth traveled to attend was overseas (England) but from the states, Maryland won that prize.  Most Elizabeths have come from  Illinois and the surrounding states - Missouri, Indiana, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa.

The three women named Elizabeth who helped save Apple River Fort during a June 1832 Black Hawk War battle, thus becoming the inspiration for the town's name, will be recognized. There will also be the crowning of a "Queen Elizabeth" for the day. (Perhaps I should bring my own crown, hmmm?  After all, I was a pageant queen!)  Although Great Britain's monarch of the same name has been invited in the past (and sent her regrets), organizers still plan to name thier own royalty in cse Her Highness' schedule once again precludes her attendance. You know, it's just too bad Prince William and his bride Catherine won't be in the states for the event, that would really be a "royal coup"! 

Once the registration is over (9:30a-11:30a at the Community Building) and all Elizabeths accounted for, there will be a short program at 11a and a group photo taken at noon. Visitors can enjoy a craft show; downtown sidewalk sale; the unveiling of the "Elizabeth" wine by Massbach Ridge Winery; a "barn dance" concert featuring 1800s music with several people dressed in 1830's attire and much more!

The event is open to the public....Guaranteed fun by all - especially those named "Elizabeth"!  Come spend the morning with me...if you can't find me, just ask for "Elizabeth"!


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