Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My cousin Kailey

Wow I'm covering ALL my, twitter, facebook and now my blog.
The words come from my sister Marian but I think she captures my request wonderfully.
WE feel compelled to reach out to you all in request of prayer for my young cousin, Kailey Wilmarth.  She is the 13 year old daughter of my cousin, Gary and his wife, Shelly.   Here is a snippet of her story:

My journey began in August when I had not been feeling well and was diagnosed with mono. I fought mono for about three weeks and was getting worse. I ended up in the hospital doing more blood work and it was then that I found out that I had Acute Lymphatic leukemia (ALL).

Kailey is currently fighting for her life in PICU at Childrens Hospital in St. Louis.  She has really had a rough battle with this ugly cancer. (I hate cancer) She has already received chemo and can receive chemo no longer.  Tomorrow (Thursday May 5, 2011) is the day that she is undergoing the stem cell transplant, and we really want to bathe her in prayer. Her brother Neil is donating his cells (which by the Grace of God are a perfect match!), and the procedure is not easy for him either. His cells will be removed at 8am and Kailey will receive them around 4pm that afternoon.

If sometime during your day, you could say a prayer for Kailey (and Neil!), that would be awesome!  We are praying for a miracle~complete healing!!! I know God answers the prayers of His faithful.   In the photos below, you'll see a photo of me & Kailey from last fall.  If you're interested, please visit her Caring Bridge site at  and read her story and see more pictures!

With heartfelt thanks and gratitude in advance......

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