Monday, May 9, 2011

Hats - a new trend!

I LOVED watching the Royal wedding - even though I was up super early! I love all the pomp & circumstance, the fairy-tale aspect of it AND the hats! There were some fabulous hats and fascinators worn by the wedding guests and spectators alike! Some were spectacular and others hideous (Fergie's daughters were wearing those!) So glad Kate, I mean Princess Catherine, is bringing hats back into fashion.

And you know, I just wasn't gonna be left out!  So, I made my own!

Had a great time at the early morning breakfast with "the Royals"!  Then I got to use my hat again, for the Kentucky Derby!  Went to another party and there were only a few of us girls in hats....ahhh but next year I think ALL the ladies will wear them! ;)

Mother's Day was special as my hubby and I got to take my inlaws to brunch after church - and yes, I was wearing a 'fascinator', which is basically a headband with adornments! It matched my outfit beautifully if I don't say so myself! (Where's the paparazzi when you want them?!!)

So, ladies, it might not be just all SHOES that we spend money on now - we're gonna have to add HATS to the list of things we need to complete an outfit! 

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