Monday, April 11, 2011

And life goes on..

Wow has life marched on!  Since my last post, I've been traveling on both sides of our great nation, meeting with old and new friends and seeing the beauty that is the United States of America!

Let me share some of the journey.....To California I went with my hubby for a Keller Williams Convention..Anaheim was beautiful, warm and Disney! Got the opportunity to be involved with teaching Voiceover at Creative Media Recording Studios...Exciting for me to see all the great talent there is "out there".  PLUS met some Twitter-pals face-to-face, from all over the state and  England was represented too! That was such a hoot!

Then onto the Midwest for just 12 hours - long enough to pet my animals and repack before flying to Florida.
Can't go to Florida without going to the beach - so I went with my family and my girlfriend - and was awarded with beautiful sunsets, warm (albeit a bit windy) weather and a perfect sand dollar! Very relaxing...

Traveled back home for a bit then drove out to Pennsylvania for the NCAA Wrestling Tournament. Along the way, we got a flat tire (thankfully we had just gotten off the turnpike & my hubby got it changed), visited Reading and Boyertown PA and saw some amazing college athletes in Philadelphia.  Nope, didn't get to run the "Rocky stairs" this time but I will the next time!  Just did a quick drive by the historical areas - I think another trip to Philadelphia to view our nation's historical sites is definitely in the near future!

Next came the short trips to visit family & friends - a ONE year birthday party, the Wedding of a HS friend, the Annual Sigma Phi Epsilon Run for my brother, baseball games, and soon, Easter celebrations!  Whew!

So what happens during the 'inbetween times'?   Life as Usual of course!  :)

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